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Your Place in This World
Stepping Into Community


Review of Theories of Judgment: Psychology, Logic, Phenomenology
Naturalism's Incapacity to Capture the Good Will


The writings of Dr. Willard are divided into two sections: one focused on Philosophy and the other on Christianity. We hope to eventually publish all of Dallas' writings here (including some previously unpublished articles and lectures), but this work is still in progress.

Many of our readers have asked where they can find tapes of Dr. Willard. Check our new Resources page for organizations that distribute recordings from various conferences.


Reprint Permissions Policy: Dr. Willard is happy to have his work distributed in any way that is useful, however we have agreements with many publishers that limit this. The copyrights for most of these articles or chapters belong to the companies who first published them. Please contact the publisher directly for reprint permission. We will also give written permission when needed if you will send a note to, telling us when and how the material will be used and the number of copies that will be distributed. The same is true if you are interested in posting an article on your website. Thank you.