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Foreword: Apprenticeship with Jesus
Foreword: I Told Me So: Self-Deception and the Christian Life


Who Needs Brentano?
The Wasteland of Philosophy Without its Past
Theory of Wholes and Parts and Husserl's Explication of the Possibility of Knowledge in the Logical Investigations (The)


Dr. Willard was always very pleased to be able to sponsor a website that made his writings and recordings available at no cost for anyone who could use them. It is the intention of the Willard family to continue offering these free resources indefinitely. We will continue to publish more of Dallas's teaching here (including many previously unpublished articles and lectures), and expect this work to continue for several years.



Reprint Permissions Policy: Dr. Willard and his family have always been happy to have his work distributed in any way that is useful, however we have agreements with many publishers that limit this. The copyrights for most of these articles or chapters belong to the companies who first published them. Please contact the publisher directly for reprint permission. We will also give written permission (when needed) if you will send a note to, telling us when and how the material will be used and the number of copies that will be distributed. The same is true if you are interested in posting an article on your website. Thank you.