Articles tagged 'belief'

Comments on Papers by Nelson, Slife, Reber, and Richardson

Article (Christianity)

[Abstract: I have only tried to deepen our understanding of the issues surrounding the secular assumptions of much current psychology by doing four things: One, pointing out how the drive toward secularism or naturalism in psychological method is supported upon...


Knowledge and Naturalism

Article (Philosophy)

There is an objective difference between one who has knowledge of something and one who does not. This is true in both the occurrent and the dispositional senses of "knowledge" and "knows." That is, whether or not X has knowledge...


Spirit of Galileo (The)

Article (Christianity, Philosophy)

Knowledge grows and information increases when we test ideas and beliefs against the realities they presume. This is true in all areas of life, including the personal and the spiritual. When Galileo dropped weights from the tower of Pisa and...

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