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The Divine Conspiracy Continued


The Divine Conspiracy Continued:
Fulfilling God's Kingdom on Earth

Written by Dallas Willard and Gary Black Jr., this book is the sequel to The Divine Conspiracy and continues Dallas's series on the Kingdom of God by looking at God's plan to intervene in human history through His disciples who live out His calling in their life through their professions. To fulfill the Christian calling is not to remove oneself from the outside world and take shelter from its shortcomings, but to step into the world to lead and serve as agents of change. Dallas and Gary provide wise guidance on how to enter into our culture's leadership positions and transform the world from the inside out. [MORE]

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Recent Releases

Living In Christ's PresenceLiving in Christ's Presence:
Final Words on Heaven and the Kingdom of God

Dallas teamed up with John Ortberg in February 2013 for the Dallas Willard Center's inaugural conference in Santa Barbara, California. This 7-session conference is now available in DVD and book form. John and Dallas have been ministry partners for decades, and it really shows as they teach together and share insights into living more fully in the presence of Christ daily. [MORE]


Theology of Dallas WillardThe Theology of Dallas Willard:
Discovering Protoevangelical Faith

In this new book from Pickwick Publications, Dr. Gary Black explains Dr. Willard's unique understanding of the reality present within a life lived as a disciple of Jesus in the kingdom of God, and how it is attracting both new and traditional Christians to reconsider their faith. [MORE]


Coming Soon

Eternal Living: Reflections on Dallas Willard's Teaching on Faith and Formation - a multi-author tribute, scheduled for release in January 2015.

The Allure of Gentleness: Apologetics in the Manner of Jesus - a book of Dallas’s collective teachings on Christian Apologetics, scheduled for release in May 2015.
We are also looking forward to a Biography about Dr. Willard written by Dr. Gary Moon, Director of the Dallas Willard Center.




Dallas Willard
September 4, 1935 - May 8, 2013

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If you are interested in entering a life-changing spiritual training program, please take a moment to review these two opportunities provided by some of Dr. Willard's students in Spiritual Formation and Discipleship. Click on the banners below for more information.

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  American Academy of Religion and Society of Biblical Literature :
  Annual Meeting
To include a Tribute to Dallas Willard hosted by Gary Black.
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Fellowship and Study Opportunities

If your church or fellowship group is participating in the Curriculum for Christlikeness series or studying the concepts in one of Dr. Willard's books in another way, we'd like to help you spread the word to others in your area. Send information about your meetings to Becky@dwillard.org, including the dates, time and location of your meetings. We'll post these in our Resources section under Fellowship and Study Opportunities.

Current listings include the following cities:
Melbourne, FL; Springfield, MO; Cleveland, OH; Oak Brrok, IL; Bartlesville, OK; and in California - Irvine, Orange, San Diego, Van Nuys and Visalia.


Small Group Guides


Jan Johnson has authored very thoughtful reading and discussion guides for The Divine Conspiracy and The Spirit of the Disciplines (The Great Omission will also be available soon)