Preparing for HeavenPreparing for Heaven:
What Dallas Willard Taught Me About Living, Dying and Eternal Life

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If there's anything we should be preparing for, it's eternity. But we're busy and distracted, and therefore don't give much forethought to our overarching purpose, where we are headed, and what we need to achieve. This book endeavors to help us rethink and reimagine our lives in light of God's design, and desire, for human flourishing, both now and throughout all eternity.

Written by Gary Black, Jr., Preparing for Heaven is based on Dr. Willard's Death and Immortality class at USC, along with many insightful conversations between Dallas and Gary about our life and the life to come. Gary reveals Dallas's profound and liberating vision of life after death, and unpacks the implications these realities hold for our lives today. Our mortal lives are preparation for what comes next—death is not the end of one life and the beginning of another, but rather a transition through which we continue the transformational work begun on Earth. Informative, challenging, and poignant, Dallas and Gary's conversations and insights challenge us to reconsider our beliefs—that perhaps the line separating the afterlife from this life is not as absolute as we think, and that there is work to be done both now and in the glorious life to come. [MORE]


The Allure of GentlenessThe Allure of Gentleness:
Defending the Faith in the Manner of Jesus

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When Christians share their faith, they often appeal to reason, logic, and the truth of doctrine. But these tactics often are not effective. A better approach to spread Christ’s word, Dallas Willard suggests, is to use the example of our own lives. To demonstrate Jesus’s message, we must be transformed people living out a life reflective of Jesus himself, a life of love, humility, and gentleness.

This beautiful model of life—this allure of gentleness—Willard argues, is the foundation for making the most compelling argument for Christianity, one that will convince others that there is something special about Christianity and the Jesus we follow. [MORE]


Additional Projects Underway

Many thanks to these fellow pilgrims for their efforts in keeping Dr. Willard's work moving forward!

Dallas Willard Memorial

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A New Edition of Hearing God Through The Year is now available:

• 312 devotional readings (6 days per week for one year)
• Based on Hearing God and other writings and talks by Dallas Willard
• Compiled, edited and freshly updated by Dallas's "fellow pilgrim," Jan Johnson
• Jan guides us into a time of reflection and prayer at the end of each reading

Hearing God Through the Year

As Jan Johnson says in her Introduction, “Simply reading something will have little effect on you.” In Hearing God Through the Year, Jan brings us 6 opportunities per week to “soak in” daily selections from Hearing God by providing accompanying scripture and suggestions for a responsive activity of prayer, reflection or meditation.

The new format of the book includes larger print and expanded versions of the original texts from Hearing God. Jan has updated the daily activities for response and has included some new selections from the Hearing God DVD series.

The book is arranged by seasons rather than calendar dates, so you can begin reading in the Winter section now or plan on starting at the beginning of the new year.


















Fellowship and Study Opportunities

If your church or fellowship group is participating in the Curriculum for Christlikeness series or studying the concepts in one of Dr. Willard's books in another way, we'd like to help you spread the word to others in your area. Send information about your meetings to Becky@dwillard.org, including the dates, time and location of your meetings. We'll post these in our Resources section under Fellowship and Study Opportunities.

Current listings include the following cities:
Louisville, KY; Melbourne, FL; Springfield, MO; Cleveland, OH; Oak Brook, IL; Bartlesville, OK; and in California - Irvine, Orange, San Diego, Van Nuys and Visalia.


Small Group Guides


Jan Johnson has authored very thoughtful reading and discussion guides for The Divine Conspiracy, Knowing Christ Today, and The Spirit of the Disciplines.