Dallas Willard spent his life making eternal living concrete for his friends. He encouraged us to use our own lives to demonstrate Jesus’s message. We must be transformed people living out a life reflective of Jesus himself, a life of love, humility, and gentleness. He leaves behind a legacy as friend, philosopher and reformer of the church.


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Announcing the Moral Knowledge Initiative

What does the disappearance of moral knowledge mean for our lives? It means the loss of moral guidance concerning good and evil, praiseworthy and blameworthy actions and characters, honorable and dishonorable lives and institutions—both for the individual trying to find his or her way and for groups trying to live together in the way that is best. Without moral knowledge, individual and group life is left to drift at the behest of desire, force, and chance. 

- Dallas Willard, The Disappearance of Moral Knowledge, p. 347

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Craftiness of Christ (The)

From Mel Gibson's 'Passion' and Philosophy: The Cross, the Questions, the Controversy, Ed. Jorge Gracia, Open Court Publishers, 2004. In this collection of essays, 20 philosophers with widely varying religious and philosophical backgrounds examine important issues raised by Mel Gibson's film, The Passion of the Christ.

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Willard Legacy Update #6

Continuing the Work of Dallas Willard: March 2019 Update

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Where Is Moral Knowledge?

This paper was written in February 2007.

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Sometimes we get caught up in trying to glorify God by praising what He can do and we lose sight of the practical point of what He actually does do.


Disappearance of Moral Knowledge


Life Without Lack


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